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Our Mission Statement:

To build a just and stable housing ecosystem for Allegheny County tenants by ensuring residents can easily access high quality eviction prevention and supportive services, rental assistance programs, and resource navigation supports.


Since July 2020, RentHelpPGH has been assisting residents of Allegheny County in obtaining legal and financial assistance in order to avoid eviction. We help residents access resources that will stabilize their households and create an environment in which they can thrive. The RentHelpPGH team comes from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, ensuring that your story will be heard by a compassionate ear. 

RentHelpPGH Resource Navigators can be found in select Magisterial District Courts through the Lawyer of the Day program and supporting landlord-tenant mediations through Just Mediation Pittsburgh. We also do outreach to nearly all households in Allegheny County with an eviction filing against them to ensure folks know they have an eviction filing against them, where to go, and where to find help. 

Our work stabilizing Allegheny County households extends beyond our individual clients. We are committed to collecting information that reflects the experiences of thousands of residents attempting to navigate eviction prevention systems and then working with policy makers and services providers to use that data to create a more just and equitable housing landscape for all residents of Allegheny County.

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