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I'm being evicted. Now what?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The only person who can evict you is a judge - and even if the judge finds against you, you have at least 20 days to leave the property.

1. Plan to attend your hearing.

The notice you received from the Magisterial District Judge's Office will tell you the date and time of your hearing.

Or you can search for your hearing on the UJS Portal.

  • Search by: Participant Name

  • Provide Last Name and First Name

  • Select Docket Type: Landlord/Tenant

Things to consider:

  • Childcare

    • Are family, friends, an older sibling, etc... available? You can bring your children to the MDJ Office, but it might be easier for you to leave them with a sitter.

  • Transportation

  • Work Schedule

If you are unable to attend the hearing due to childcare, illness, work, or another reason, call your MDJ Office as soon as possible to let them know. They will oftentimes reschedule the hearing.

2. Connect with Legal Assistance

  • Call Neighborhood Legal Services to get advice from an attorney. (412) 255-6700

3. Are you behind on your rent or utilities?

  • Rental assistance may be available!

    • Call the ACTION-Housing Hotline to see if you qualify: 412-248-0021

    • Visit the Housing Stabilization Center to see if you qualify.

      • 415 7th Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

      • Visit this website to see what you should bring with you to apply

4. Start looking for your next home

We want you to stay in your home, but the reality is that in Allegheny County, the vast majority of individuals evicted end up losing their home. It is important that you plan for this potential and start looking for a new place.


You have nothing to lose. Filing an appeal buys you time to find a new place to live and provides a potential reversal of the verdict.

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