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Make #SelfCare more than just a hashtag!

Updated: Mar 15

We are living in times of immense stress. We are on the other side of a once in a lifetime global pandemic. Inflation is the highest it's ever been, and the rate of those being unhoused, is our next national crisis. We are also living in times, where news of all the doom and gloom is literally right at our fingertips, considering our phones have become an added appendage. That is why the topic of self-care is more crucial then ever! It is so easy for words like #SelfcareSunday to become trendy sayings and hashtags in our ever expanding, social media posing lifestyles but here is your reminder: Stress Kills! According to the American Institute of Stress 120,000 people die every year as a direct result of, you guessed it, stress! The American Psychological Association linked chronic stress to all six of the leading causes of death. Kinda makes you think of the age old causality dilemma of what came first, the disease or the stress?

Since I'm sure it is no surprise that work related stress seems to be the main type of stress folks experience, here at RentHelpPGH we try to lead by example. One of the mottos that we go by is "Self-care isn't just for the weekend". If you have a tense meeting, do 20 jumping jacks afterwards to get your energy moving around. If you have a really emotional call where you had to hold space for a tenant who is in crisis, go for a 20 minute walk outside. Example number 5 above, is one of my self-care habits. I have filled my work area with over 50+ plants. I like to make believe I'm working in a tropical paradise somewhere below the equator. Hey, do whatever you need to do to bring your blood pressure down, and calm your nervous system right? Let's make self-care more then just another trendy hashtag and make it just common sense and our new way of life. I gave you 5 examples above of some of the things I do. Now, it's your turn to come up with your own! Enjoy!!

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